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Catching Up

Hey everyone.  I know.  It’s been, like, a really, really long time since I’ve posted on here.

It’s not for lack of cooking.  Or baking.  Or experimenting, or anything like that.  I’ve just been pursuing other avenues of creativity lately that has left this blog patiently waiting in the backseat.


12-23-2012 071

beach glass jewelry making.  I decided, after much pinteresting, that I wanted to tackle as many homemade gifts for Christmas as I could.  So I learned how to wire wrap.  This is just one of a number of necklaces and earring sets I made last December.

I also made this.

Picture 8

Okay.  Not exactly this.  You can probably tell this is not my picture (rotary phone, what?).  This came from the website where I got the tutorial, Living on the Chic.  But MY pin-tucked duvet ended up looking just like this.  And it’s now our favorite, most warm and cuddly comforter in the house.  Next up – Canadian Smocking techniques.  Oh yeah.  Livin’ on the edge.

I do have a long list of recipes I plan on making and photographing for you all.  I have a new salad I’ve been eating for weeks that is my new absolute favorite thing in the world (AND that I’ve been losing weight eating!  Well, between that and working out 6 days a week for the past month).  Plus  a new improved pizza crust recipe.  And several really cute Easter desserts, that, you know, I’ll put up here AFTER Easter because that’s the way I roll.

Now, if you want to see something right now (i.e. you’re THAT bored), I have actually been updating The Decorator’s Corner quite regularly.  It’s cake season again for us and I’ve been quite busy doing those.  I love learning new techniques and, while just about every cake I’ve done has gone through some kind of “caketastrophe” at some point in the making, I’ve definitely improved my skill set this past year.

Okay.  That’s all I’ve got for this morning.  I’ve got to go hard boil four dozen eggs now because it’s Egg Decorating Day!!!  And no, sadly, we’re not doing any of the cool techniques you’ve seen on pinterest with the shaving cream or kool aid or plant food dyes or anything like that.  Just a box of regular Paas egg dye tablets.  Sometimes you have to recognize where to keep it simple.  And with everything I have planned for this Sunday’s craziness…simple is good.

Have a lovely Easter everyone and I’ll see you next week!


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My 1st Blogiversary Top Ten Lists

Christmas day 2011. Crazy pic of me in my new apron!

Holy crow!  It’s been a year already on Hold the Croutons.

Actually, technically, it’s been a year two days ago.  Oops.  But I didn’t post my first recipe until August 31st so I don’t feel toooo bad about missing it.

So what am I doing to celebrate?  Looking at stats of course, silly.  One of my most favorite things to do.  I absolutely love looking through my stats and seeing where my readers are from (all over the world!), what you’re looking at, and how you got here.

So anyway – here are the Top 10 blog posts according to you guys – my friends and family, my regular readers, other bloggers who found me through, pinterest gals, and all the people who stumbled upon me by googling things like “most odd looking pizza”.

10.  Thin Crust Gluten Free Pizza Dough

9.  Zuppa Toscana

8.  Brie Smoked Ham Pear Pizza

7.  Raspberry Lemon Parfaits

6.  Roasted Tomato Soup

5.  Balsamic Steak Gorgonzola Pizza

4.  Butterbeer

3.  Salted Caramel Squares

2.  Dulce de Leche Fruit Dip

…and…by a wide margin…

1.  Apple Bacon Coffee Cake with Maple Glaze

Here are the top 10 entries according to me.  These are the recipes I am most proud of – the ones that I look forward to making again this year as we make our way through the seasons once more.   (I would make a separate list of entries I am most proud of because of the writing itself but that would take much more time than my napping babies would ever allow me.)

This was really hard to narrow down.  I started with a list twice this long.  It’s almost like choosing between my children.  I don’t want to leave any of them out!

10.  Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Maple Dijon Pan Sauce

9.  Buffalo Chicken Pizza

8.  Rustic Peach Plum Pie

7.  Arugula Salad with Peaches and Candied Bacon

6.  Seasoned Sweet Potato Fries with Pomegranate Dipping Sauce

5.  Chicken Tortilla Soup

4.  Dulce de Leche Fruit Dip

3.  Gluten Free Pizza Dough (for thicker crust)

2.  The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever


and finally…

1.  Brie Smoked Ham Pear Pizza

Thank you all for a great first year!


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Hey everyone!

So, with all the vast amounts of spare time I have I decided I’m going to start a food blog.  I still have nooooo idea what I’m doing so there will probably be a lot of changes made to this site for awhile.  I’m looking forward to sharing my love of good food with all of you!  Who knows, maybe someday this site will lead somewhere, you know, profitable.  Or not.  In either case I’m sure there will be lots of great food along the way.  And most of it will be gluten free or easily made gluten free.  I hesitate to brand my blog a “gluten free” blog as I feel it drives away people who don’t have to worry about food allergies.  But fear not my peeps, I promise everything I put on here I would proudly serve to any gluten loving person, including (and especially) myself.  Welcome to my kitchen!


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