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My All Purpose Gluten Free Flour Blend II

You probably already know I have a gluten free flour recipe on this site.  It’s a solid recipe.  It’s also one I no longer use.  I have streamlined my recipe and changed the ratio of flours to starches.  My original AP GF flour blend was 60% flours 40% starches.  I have found, however, that a 50/50 mix works better for sweet and delicate baked goods – cakes, cookies, pie crusts, quick breads – that kind of stuff.  The only savory GF bread I make with any regularity is my pizza crust, in which I use an entirely different formulation so I now only make my 50/50 blend for everything else.

It works for pretty much any recipe you want to convert to GF.  I use it for baking, for thickening sauces…anywhere flour is needed.  It’s simple, easy to remember, and relatively cheap.

For more information on GF flour formulations you can read my original post here.  It’s a bit more in-depth.

My All Purpose Gluten Free Flour Blend II

200 grams Potato Starch

200 grams Cornstarch

200 grams Sorghum Flour

100 grams Sweet Rice Flour (found in your grocer’s Asian section and/or the Gluten Free aisle if you have one)

100 grams Brown Rice Flour

Put all ingredients in a tightly sealed canister or ziplock bag and shake until uniform.

This recipe makes 800 grams AP flour.  This is as much as I can fit in my designated canister.  If you wanted to make more at a time (believe me I would if I had a bigger container and room to house it), just remember the ratio and you’re all set.

2 parts Potato Starch

2 parts Cornstarch

2 parts Sorghum Flour

1 part Sweet Rice Flour

1 part Brown Rice Flour

And that’s it!  Now you’re all set to get in the kitchen and bake!  ‘Tis the season!



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