My All Purpose Gluten Free Flour Blend

For those of you that do not follow a gluten free (gf) diet, nor bake for someone who does, you can disregard this post entirely.  For the rest of you – you might want to just print this one out because it will be your new best friend in the kitchen.  So many gluten free recipes require 5 different flours before you even get to the rest of the ingredients and who wants to deal with that???  The following gf flour blend works in a variety of baked goods.  It’s a nice, well rounded baking blend.  Good for cakes, cookies, pies, quick breads, I’ll even use it for coatings and as a thickener if I’m feeling lazy.

I have to give credit where credit is due here, I use a mix very similar to what Gluten Free Girl uses on her site.  I have learned so much about baking gluten free from her.   I’ve just trimmed down some of the more expensive ingredients to keep the cost lower.  Anyone who bakes gf goodies often can back me up on this one.  It’s expensive man.

The mix is a 60/40 ratio of flours to starches.  Flours for nutrition and heft, starches to keep your baked goods from being too dense and/or gritty.  Because there are a number of components, and they are all fairly neutral in flavor, you won’t end up with banana muffins that taste like garbanzo beans, for example.  Ick.

You should be able to find all of the ingredients in any large supermarket with a good specialty section.  Nature’s Marketplace in Wegmans is fabulous for this stuff.  The only thing I can’t find around here is the oat flour so I just make my own.  (Regular American grown oats are unfortunately not gluten free as they are contaminated in the fields.  Hopefully someday very soon this will change because shipping oats here from England is just silly.)

The beauty of baking by weight is if you run out of one of these ingredients you can always substitute something else as long as you do it by weight.  Don’t have Potato Starch on hand but you have Tapioca Starch?  Dump it in.  Short on Sorghum but you have Millet?  That works.  As long as you do it by weight.  All these flours and starches have different densities so substituting by volume does not work.  For a great explanation of why I do all my baking by weight you can read this most excellent article Why We Don’t Use Cups in our Recipes, written by Shana at Gluten Free Girl.

Megan’s All Purpose GF Flour Mix

250 grams Sweet Rice Flour

200 grams Brown Rice Flour

150 grams Sorghum Flour

50 grams GF Oat Flour

250 grams Potato Starch

100 grams Cornstarch

Throw them all in a gallon size ziplock and shake it up until it’s homogenous.   Makes 1 kg.

Also – a little handy dandy printable here to tuck into your recipe book that lists all the relative weights and attributes of the most commonly used gluten free flours.  I ❤ it.  Keep in mind that a cup of regular flour weighs 140 grams and you’re good to go to start converting recipes.  Gluten Free Flours by Volume and Weight



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